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The need for a server-side JVM is evident. The increase in the number of Java applications on the servers, and the exponential rise in the number of clients accessing these Java applications, brings forth the shortcomings in the traditional Java VMs, which are more tuned towards client-side processing. The first question that comes to mind when talking about JRockit is the comparison between the JRockit JVM and the Sun JVM. Although this article does not focus on this distinction, I will present a brief history of JRockit and then discuss the management and monitoring features introduced in it. A few of the major issues with these JVMs are their ability to handle threads, the time taken for garbage collection, and the management of I/O operations. In a typical client-side application profile, 75% of the time a client JVM is running code, 20% of the time it's managin... (more)

Portal Tips and Tricks

WebLogic Portal 8.1 Service Pack 2 has been out for several months. By the time this article is published, Service Pack 3 may also be out. Having worked on a couple of WebLogic Portal projects with this version, I have come across several small and large issues. This article will provide several tips and tricks to solve these problems, with appropriate code snippets to help Portal developers. Please note that several of these snippets can be found on the BEA newsgroup and/or as part of the BEA WebLogic Portal samples that come with the WebLogic Platform download. However, I have... (more)

Standards in the Real Estate Industry

The fever for new XML specifications for almost anything imaginable has hit the real estate industry. Companies that are actively pursuing some niche in this industry have realized the need to create and adopt standards for communication. As in other industries, however, competing XML standards are emerging, keeping any one standard from reaching a critical mass of adoption and fruition. This article explores the Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) for the real estate industry. I'll talk about how some of these standards can leverage Web services technologies such as SOAP an... (more)

Creating Web Services

You can create a Java Page Flow application in BEA WebLogic Workshop that utilizes a Service control generated from a Web service. This article uses the example of an external Web service listed on the XMethods.net site. We will import the WSDL for the Web service into BEA WebLogic Workshop and see the custom Service control that is generated. We will then consume this control within a simple Page Flow application. We can also create a sample JWS file that allows you to quickly test the control. Getting the WSDL File from XMethods.net Visit the XMethods.net site. It lists a number ... (more)

Workshop and Portal

BEA WebLogic Workshop is the single point of entry for developers to develop J2EE applications on the BEA platform. The WebLogic Workshop Platform Edition includes support for portal development on top of the standard WebLogic Workshop Application Developer Edition. This article introduces you to the various aspects of portal development that are enabled through the WebLogic Workshop tool. I'll go over the basics to get you started with developing your portal application in BEA WebLogic Workshop 8.1. Setting Up Your Environment The first step is to create a platform domain using ... (more)